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Style on a Budget

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With the advancements in technology and the natural desire to get a good deal, the ways to get designer styles for less are numerous. I’ll share some of my favorite ways to shop for higher end items, with my maxim being quality over quantity.

I would much rather purchase a few good items that will last for years than buy a whole assortment of cheap ones that may only last a season or two. Most women love the idea of a closet full of designer clothes and shoes (think TV’s Real Housewives), but budgets often stand in the way of that fantasy. Since the cost of designer goods is way out of my budget, I find ways to get what I want for less.

Asian woman shopping at homeDuring college, my budget was so sparse I used milk crates in lieu of a TV stand, but I was on the hunt for a pair of brand-name sneakers. I looked on eBay and found the shoes I wanted at a price lower than in my local store. Sixteen years later, I still own the sneakers and eBay is the first place I look when I want a designer brand.

I do not buy knockoffs — I buy from sellers located in the United States, as items that are shipped and/or located in China (usually listed at a price far too good to be true) are unlikely to be authentic. Use your best judgment and read descriptions carefully. A misspelling of a designer’s name is a red flag that the goods are likely fake.

I have purchased both pre-owned items such as handbags and clothes and new, unworn items such as shoes and cosmetics on eBay (I purchased pristine-looking pre-owned shoes because the seller was explicit about how often they were worn). eBay has a solid purchase-protection guarantee for buyers; I have never had an issue with getting a refund when needed (which has been extremely rare). So feel free to bid with confidence and stock up on designer items for less!

Other sites I frequently look to for designer deals are for fabulous clothes and accessories, and, which allows you to either rent or buy designer bags. Their selection is limited in terms of designers, but the bags are wildly popular so it makes up for the limited inventory. One of my favorite websites for shoes is As with eBay, you will need to sign up for these sites to make purchases, but they all have great return policies and offer a secure checkout process. You have the ability to opt-out of any unwanted emails, but I warn you that the occasional email does manage to make its way into your inbox.

What I love about online shopping is the convenience of not having to leave home to get a great deal. Whether you know exactly what you want or just want to browse, the plethora of online retailers to choose from is endless. If you do feel like venturing out on a designer bargain hunt, I suggest checking out a consignment shop. Look for a place that takes pride in displaying quality items that are both timeless and trendy. A store with a well-designed, easy to navigate website is a bonus.

Consignment stores and vintage boutiques are a great way to bargain hunt for designer goods. Shopping in these stores can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming, but once you come across that vintage Prada dress that just happens to be in your size and the price is less than $150.00, all that clutter-sorting frustration melts away, replaced by a feeling of shopper’s euphoria.

While my own closet is far from that of the dream closet I envision, I have managed to find my fair share of items over the years that have easily fit into my budget. My biggest score was a $300.00 coat that I managed to get for just $30.00. You never know what wonderful treasures you might find along the way!

By Raven Peterson


was born and raised in Port Jefferson. She has traveled extensively throughout the United States in search of new adventures and culinary delights. Her three favorite things in life are friends, food, and fashion.

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