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Care about Summer Hair

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care about summer hair

Perhaps you’ve seen tee shirts or social media captions of boaters with unruly hair that say, “Boat Hair — Don’t Care!” The truth is that we do care what our hair looks like, as we spend money styling it and perhaps coloring it. Yet there may come a point, especially in summer, when we have to pick between having fun or fussing over our hair. But what if we didn’t have to choose — can we have manageable hair and fade-resistant color throughout boating season?

Jaclyn ChanWe can, says Jaclyn Chan, a designer stylist, educator, and blogger for Maximus Spa & Salon of Carle Place, despite summer’s hair challenges. “Whether your hair is straight or curly, hair will behave differently in summertime weather conditions,” she notes. “Most women have told me that winter is the best time for hair because it behaves the way they want it to. Humidity makes the hair texture more pronounced or can coax out a wave even if you have naturally straight hair.”

The solutions to summer frizz and other hair disobedience are in the stylist’s chair and beauty supply store, according to Chan. “Your hairstylist should recommend that you come in a little more often during the summer months to trim off dry and weather-affected ends. Sea water can make hair coarse. A change in haircut shape may help as well, for the people that want to wear their hair out on the water without having to blow dry or flat iron.”

Chan says that it’s a good idea for boaters to use products made for specific hair types and desired effects. “I always recommend a heavier cream product for people with curly, wavy, and thick hair, and a light serum for people with finer, straight, and wavy hair. The last thing you want is an oily mane.”

When it comes to products, Chan has some favorites. “I love Oribe Apres Beach Wave and Shine spray to help hair along in achieving that beachy effect. Kerastase has an entire line (Soleil) dedicated to sun protection. Living Proof is a great line to generously moisturize hair and fight frizz.”

Before applying behavior-management products, Chan recommends using shampoo and conditioner with keratin or anti-humidity ingredients. After that, braiding your hair or making a loose bun on top of the head “are very on-trend now.”

Though sun exposure can darken the skin, it lightens and fades other things, including hair. This poses a problem, says Chan. “Generally, women like to add highlights or lighten their overall color in the summertime. I always point out that while it is a great idea, toning a shade or two down would be the best place to start if they spend most of their time out on the ocean, because sunshine and water strip color very quickly.”

Before investing in your hair during boating season, tell your colorist you’ll be spending lots of time aboard. “Lifestyle is so important in any good consultation. Discussing the fact that you spend half of your week out on the water is key,” Chan says. “That way, we can help you decide what products to use for sun protection, moisturizing, or repair, and choose a tone and highlight pattern that is easy to maintain.”

Discussing your boating lifestyle with your stylist and colorist will yield valuable advice. “We can figure out how often your trims and color retouches should be, and if and when you need a hair treatment to undo all the damage from the summer weather.”

Between visits to the salon, Chan recommends products to keep tresses looking their best. These include a Bumble and Bumble leave-in product, UV Minded Styling Balm, and Rita Hazan Foaming Color Gloss and Root Concealer, which is “made to remove any brassy tones from blonde hair that tend to occur during the summertime.”

What about redheads, who see their color fade fast under the summer sun? Chan says Ojon’s Color Sustain Shampoo, Conditioner, and Protecting Cream products are a must to slow the larger red color molecules from dulling and losing shine as quickly.

No matter what else you do to protect your hair while boating, wear a hat. As a bonus, Chan recommends boaters borrow a tip from swimmers: “Take a bit of hair conditioner and run it over your hair. That will create a barrier over your hair cuticle — plus you get a little more moisture.”


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