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Connecticut River Museum

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dt-ctThe Connecticut River Foundation at Steamboat Dock was established in 1974 to preserve the history of the Connecticut River and the people who use it and live on it. Today, the main mission of the Connecticut River Museum it founded is collecting manuscripts, books, art, and artifacts that pertain to the river.

The museum has fun and exciting exhibits. Invaders! is a new exhibit featuring artwork and videos focusing on the impact of various invasive plants and animals on the Connecticut River. On the Great River is another can’t-miss exhibit. It explores the history of the river from Native American communities through the early 19th century. It shows how the explorers affected the Native Americans and the Connecticut River.

Leave enough time to appreciate all of the incredible photos and the stories the museums shares. They impart a new appreciation of the river’s history and what makes it such an important asset.

Taking your boat to the museum couldn’t be easier. There’s a small dock at the museum, should you get lucky enough to nab one of those spots. Otherwise, the Essex Town Dock is a two-minute walk away from the museum. For more information on the dock:

For up-to-date information, hours, and tickets for the museum:


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