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Editor’s Letter

July 1, 2017 by · Leave a Comment 

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Call it luck, serendipity, fortune, or just calendar roulette — July has five full weekends! Yes, the gift to boaters that is July itself has a bonus weekend, and we intend to make the most of every one of them.

Over the years, we average 13 weekends of “official” summer. However, the way the days fall in 2017 there are only 12 (don’t dwell on that, as this is an upbeat letter). With June’s ship having set sail, we are on to enjoying July’s boating weekends. With five to fill, there’s time for fireworks, friends, family, feasts aboard, and festivities at fun docking and dining eateries.

July was great as a kid, with one school year complete and the other way off in the distance. As an adult, it’s a pleasurable month without any official holidays requiring shopping and wrapping. When the temperature’s hot, it’s cool to invite friends to come along on a spur of the moment boat ride. In addition, July’s the time to get excited over memorable family adventures aboard.

Years pass, kids grow up, friends move away, but all that is in the future, dear readers. For now, July is here with a windfall of an “extra” weekend. So gather up your loved ones, slather on the sunscreen, repel the insects, grab a cooler, don your life jacket, and go boating!

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