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Editor’s Letter

August 1, 2017 by · Leave a Comment 

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I love everything about August except the way every experience seems measured by the hourglass. People say, “Let’s get together one more time this summer!” and “Is there still time to do that before summer ends?”

This August, let’s stop calendar and clock watching. Is the water calm and is the breeze delightful right now? If it is, why are you spending one precious minute thinking about tomorrow’s meeting or calculating where to make time in a busy week for an oil change? Turn your gaze away from the unknown and savor what’s right in front of you. Lift your (sunscreened) face to the sun and feel the warmth surround you. Hug your child before and after you secure the life jacket, and drink in how the water sparkles alongside the boat.

Tell the voices in your head to bring up their subjects tomorrow. Now soften your ears to the shrill squawks of the gulls and the slap-slap-slapping of the lapping waves. When others laugh, join in. Breathe as if you’re on a boat and not on a racecourse. Remind yourself that summer days are both precious and lengthy. Congratulate yourself for choosing to spend valuable time on the water.

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