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Editor’s Letter

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When we first started this magazine, know-it-alls told us that we’d never survive unless we forgot about boaters and focused exclusively on boats. We didn’t follow that advice — we were certain that having fun on the water didn’t depend on the type or size of a vessel. No one laughs more on a cabin cruiser or less in a kayak, and a gorgeous sunset over the water is breathtaking whether glimpsed from a jet ski or a sailboat.

Are mega-yachters more excited than water-skiers? Of course the answer is no (just for the record, I’d love someone to invite me along on a ginormous boat to double-check). Every kind of vessel amps up the appetite, and when it comes to speed, well, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Sure, getting somewhere fast is elating, but the journey can be just as exhilarating when it’s leisurely.

Focusing on boaters’ experiences and their love for all things water-related (including environmental protection) has given us the ability to present articles on a wide range of topics. Along with that, we know that having healthy minds and bodies enable us to pursue our favorite recreational activity without limitation or hesitation. That’s why we place as much emphasis on self-care as safety. With such a mission, we truly make it easy to have fun on your boat, no matter its size, shape, or the way it floats.

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